Yankees manager Joe Girardi has a small, interesting idea to improve baseball

In recent years, MLB has enacted measures to try and liven up baseball, namely through the pace-of-play rules.

While the steps they have taken have largely been successful, New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi believes they continue to improve the game.

While speaking with Business Insider to promote his collaboration with Delta’s “Go Fridays” program, Girardi said he has a simple idea that could continue to improve the pace of the game.

“I think the pace is important,” Girardi said. “I’ve always thought the catcher and pitcher should have a headset, kind of like the quarterback and the coach, the guy up in the box does with calling the plays. Because I think too many times catchers are going out to the mound to change signals or to talk to a pitcher where you don’t necessarily have to do that.”

Girardi’s idea is interesting, though it doesn’t come without complications. For instance, a headset could become a nuisance for a catcher taking off his helmet to make a throw, or for a pitcher trying to make a play in the infield. A headset would not be safely tucked away under helmet like it is for a quarterback.

While Girardi — a self-professed fan of analytics and stats — is one of the more prominent minds looking to improve the game, he’s not completely worried about the state of baseball. He said it’s also important to keep younger generations playing the game and make sure the fans enjoy it.

“Any way you can get the fans more involved, I think, is important, and I think baseball is always trying to do that. I think our game is really healthy and it’s a good game and I think people enjoy it. It’s just to keep kids involved, get ’em to the ballpark.”

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