Joe Flacco's Dad Gives Brutal Quote About How Boring His Son Is

Joe Flacco mustache


The thing Joe Flacco does best on a football field is throw the ball deep.In theory, that should make him one of the more exciting quarterbacks in the NFL.

But for whatever reason Flacco is still an anonymous figure without the star power of guys like Tom Brady or even Colin Kaepernick.

His dad told the New York Times that there’s a good reason for that — he’s just not that exciting of a guy. Here’s the brutally honest quote from the NYT:

“Joe is dull,” Steve Flacco said in a telephone interview. “As dull as he is portrayed in the media, he’s that dull. He is dull.”

That’s one way to keep the focus on football — convince the media you’re actually the most boring person in the world.

You’ve got to think that Flacco will still get a big popularity bump if he wins the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning isn’t exactly bubbling over with charisma, and he still became a huge mainstream star after years of success.

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