Joe Biden Told Julia Louis-Dreyfuss A Dirty Joke Over Lunch

Joe Biden Julia Louis DreyfussJoe Biden took a selfie with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ phone.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss plays the vice president on her HBO show “Veep” and recently got to do some character analysis of the real second-in-command, Joe Biden.

During an appearance on “Conan,” she explained, “He’s so affable and charming. It was incredible. We have lunch together, and he was trying to be funny…”

Biden tried to crack a joke with the former “Seinfeld” actress, saying, “Hey, does your husband like to sleep with the Vice President, because I’m trying to convince Jill it’s a good idea!”


“It’s racy but he didn’t mean it in a racy way,” she explained. “He was just being funny.” 

After lunch, the actress rode with the VP in his motorcade.

“I had my phone, and so he took a picture of us,” Julia recalled. “It’s him taking it with my phone! It’s a selfie. Isn’t that neat?”

Watch Julia recount the story to Conan below: 

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