Joe Biden's Awkward Rant On Wealth Included Him Saying 'I Wish My Kids Would Become Wealthy'

Joe Biden


PHILADELPHIA — Vice President Joe Biden’s speech to International Association of Fire Fighters here at the Philadelphia Convention centre got a little rocky at points when he spoke about the contrast between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.“I wish my kids would become wealthy!” Biden said, trying to emphasise his point that Obama and Congressional Democrats don’t dislike wealth. 

Biden’s three grown children, though, don’t appear to have any financial troubles and are seemingly doing fine financially. His two sons, Hunter and Beau, are high-profile lawyers, and his daughter Ashley is a recently wed social worker. 

That quote was part of a longer explanation that just got more puzzling as he went along. 

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he said of being wealthy. “It’s a good thing. But the wealthy do very well. Why? Because you have money in your pocket to buy things!”

But as the Democratic-leaning Senate will likely pass a largely symbolic extension of the Bush tax cuts on families earning less than $250,000 today, Biden drove home the points that Romney wants to extend the tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans and that his economic plans would benefit the wealthy. 

“He’s a good family man, a guy who means well,” Biden said of Romney. “But I don’t think he gets you. I don’t think he understands what you’re all about, what makes you tick, what makes you decide to go in this profession, which you couldn’t pay 90 per cent of the population to do.”

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