DON'T SCREW WITH ME: Joe Biden Says If Jobs Bill Isn't Passed Rapes And Murders Will Go Up

joe biden rape jobs bill

Vice President Joe Biden is in some hot water (at least with Republicans) for saying that if the GOP doesn’t pass Obama’s jobs bill, rapes and murders across the nation will increase. 

During an address to firefighters earlier this week Biden said this:

“Police departments, as I said, in some cases literally cut in half, like Camden, N.J., and Flint, Mich.  In many cities, the result has been — and it’s not unique — murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up.”

Naturally, this is getting translated in some circles as Biden threatening that if the jobs bill doesn’t get passed you will get raped (NOW president Terry O’Neill doesn’t think he’s that far off the mark, by the way).

But Biden is sticking by his remarks.  In this priceless exchange on Wednesday with Human Events reporter Jason Mattera Biden doubled down:

“I didn’t use, no no no…Let’s get it straight, guy. Don’t screw around with me, let’s get it straight.  I said rape was up…murder is up, burglary is up, rape is up….that’s exactly what I said.”

Let’s get it straight guy!  Don’t screw around with me! 

Expect more of this in the days to come.  Last night the Senate voted down Obama’s jobs bill (strictly down party lines) for a second time.

Both clips below.  Second one is absolutely worth watching.


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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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