Twitter went crazy over a photo of Joe Biden in a lifeguard chair

Joe biden poolTim Furlong/TwitterFormer Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a ceremony at a Delaware swimming pool.

Joe Biden returned to the public swimming pool in Delaware where he worked as a lifeguard 55 years ago, as part of a ceremony to rename the pool after the former vice president.

The Wilmington pool changed its name to the Joseph R Biden Sr. Aquatic Center, honouring Biden’s connection to the pool he said influenced his views on race relations.

According to Wilmington newspaper The News Journal, Biden was the pool’s only white lifeguard in 1962.

“I wanted to get more involved,” Biden told The News Journal. “I’d turn on the television and see and listen to Dr. King, but I didn’t know any black people. So, I wanted to work here.”

Biden made the most of his homecoming, even sitting in the pool’s lifeguard chair perched above the pool.

A photo of Biden beaming in the lifeguard chair instantly made the rounds on social media.

Several users took the opportunity to joke about a potential Biden presidential bid in 2020. Biden has yet to rule out another campaign.

Others compared the photos to pool scenes from famous movies, including “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “The Sandlot.”

And others commented on Biden’s wardrobe choice.

And for some, the moment simply added to Biden’s legend.

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