JOE BIDEN: 'I'm not looking to be vice president again'

Joe Biden said Monday he doesn’t want to serve another term in his current role as vice president during a Hillary Clinton administration.

“That’s not my preferred route,” he told MSNBC. “I have great respect for Hillary. I’m going to work like the devil for her, but I’m not looking to be vice president again, and no one has talked to me.”

Although it would be unprecedented for Biden to serve another term as vice president, there is no constitutional law against doing so. Unlike Donald Trump, Clinton has been relatively quiet about who she would select as a running mate, with Sens. Tim Kaine of Virginia, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Elizabeth Warren considered top contenders, along with a few others.

Biden was set to campaign alongside Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Friday. But that event was postponed after the Dallas police ambush.

Although he attempted to bat away speculation, Biden did give advice for others jockeying to be Clinton’s running mate.

“The most important thing from my experience being vice president is have a president pick someone they trust completely, they actually like and they know will have their back and can take over a big chunk of what they have to do because there’s so much that falls on a president’s desk these days,” the vice president said. “It’s hard to do it by yourself without being able to delegate some portion of it and not have to follow up. Just delegate.”

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