Joe Biden is running for president — and a lot of people are criticising his 2020 campaign logo

Mike Groll/AP Photo; Joe Biden/TwitterThe logo.
  • On Thursday morning, Joe Biden announced that he’s running for president.
  • He joins over a dozen other Democrats in the primary race.
  • But following his campaign announcement, many fixated on his terrible logo.
  • His logo employs an E that looks like three stripes. People don’t think it works.
  • Others just found the design to be inherently flawed.
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Former Vice President Joe Biden is officially running for president of the US in 2020.

Biden announced his candidacy in a video posted early Thursday, making him the 20th Democrat to enter the presidential race.

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Amid his announcement, one thing stuck out: the former vice president’s 2020 logo.

A key motif in his campaign imagery is replacing a capital E with three red stripes, evoking the American flag.

Here’s how his logo appears at the end of his campaign announcement video:

BIDENJoe Biden/YouTubeA version of the logo used in the campaign announcement.

The same motif is on Biden’s Twitter icon:

Joe Twitter IconJoe Biden/TwitterThe same stripes are used here.

People on Twitter had thoughts about Biden’s logo – namely, that they do not like it.^tfw

A few called attention to how the stylised E makes his name difficult to read.

Some took issue with the 2s:^tfw

In any case, he’s running. And this is his logo, folks.

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