Joe Biden Went Shopping At Costco And It Was Awesome

costco employee wiping joe biden face

Photo: C-SPAN/Screenshot

The Internet is abuzz about Joe Biden’s shopping spree at Costco — and for good reason.Everything about Biden’s Costco experience was normal — he ate a bunch of free samples and bought an apple pie — except the whole thing felt like one continuous “Bro Biden” moment.

Find out why and take a look at the best moments from the Vice President’s trip to Costco.

All eyes were on the Vice President as he walked through the Costco...

... and everyone wanted to shake his hand.

This is how Joe Biden shakes hands.

Joe Biden ate a bunch of free samples throughout his shopping spree...

... although he made a mess and got some on his face.

Later on, he had to stop and think about which children's books to get.

He's also an iPhone user -- although, it looks like he hasn't upgraded to the iPhone 5 yet.

Joe Biden had a moment with Costco co-founder James Sinegal...

... and he got really close with a Costco cashier at checkout.

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