34 Reasons To Celebrate Joe Biden's Birthday

It’s Vice President Joe Biden’s 34th birthday today, he told reporters upon arriving back at the White House early this morning from a trip to Panama.
Biden was returning from a trip during which he toured the $US5.25 billion expansion of the Panama Canal, while praising the Panamanian investment as one that will help create jobs at U.S. ports.

OK, so it’s actually Biden’s 71st birthday. But in the spirit of youth, here are 34 moments when the vice president has exemplified what it means to Be Biden.

(Grace Wyler originally contributed some of the photos contained in this article.)

Being Biden at age 10.

Being Biden, with this kind of hair.

Being Biden, as a senator, scolding the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Secretary of State George Shultz that U.S. policy toward South Africa for what he said amounted to a shameful lack of backbone.

Being Biden, with a mullet.

Being, or trying to be, a distraction.

Being Biden, shaking hands with Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

That is now-Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel being Biden.

Being Biden, with Bono.

Driving Biden.

Being the baby-holder.

Shaking hands Biden.

Being Veep.

Being the photographer.

Being Biden and knowing how to make an entrance.

Being the cool guy.

Being the guy who meets the Pope.

Being Biden.

Being open about his phone records.

Being in Panama.

Being casual.

Being tech savvy, or not.

Being Biden, drinking lime juice.

Being the cookie specialist.

Being a Twitter enthusiast.

Being in awe.

Being Biden, with a pumpkin.

Being Biden, with Whoopi Goldberg on Amtrak.

Biden High-Fivin.'

Ultimate Being Biden.

Now, about the other guy in the White House...

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