Jodie Fox shares her tips for hiring employees in other markets

Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox. Screenshot: YouTube.

Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox is becoming a queen of YouTube.

Every couple of weeks Fox has been posting videos with tips and advice for other entrepreneurs looking for guidance for their own business.

Her most recent post “Hiring People In China” is a great example of how Fox is sharing what she learns as she grows and expands her Australian startup overseas.

“One of the questions we get asked a lot is how we go about hiring people in a different country,” Fox writes.

“When we started working in China we had a brand new idea, no local language skills and (at the time) no real knowledge of how to start a shoe company. It seemed really daunting but luckily we were able to find great people so I hope this video gives you some ideas for your journey when hiring people. “

Here’s the clip.

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