How a potential investor instantly put Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox offside

Jodie Fox, Photo: supplied.

There’s a fine line that one has to be aware of when planning a business meeting outside of the office.

Too casual and you won’t be taken seriously, too formal and a natural flow or connection might be difficult to make.

It comes down to first impressions, and nailing your introduction, presentation, and even the setting, can make the difference between the success and failure of the meeting.

Jodie Fox, co-founder of the successful bespoke footwear business Shoes of Prey, recently found herself in an awkward situation with a potential investor because of the way he handled a business meeting with her.

Firstly, she was uncomfortable because it was set in a bar.

Secondly, his intro was way off base, and to be honest, a little inappropriate.

“I think men in business generally are cool and want women to do well,” Fox writes under her candid clip to camera, posted on YouTube. “But, I also think that they have been taught to say some of the wrong things.

“They mean them to be nice, but they actually seriously contribute to the divide that exists between business men and business women. I’d love for us to share really constructive thoughts on what the best way is to handle a business interaction because I know we all want the best for each other.”

To be clear, Fox is very used to working with men. Her two co-founders are both male. This was an extraordinary circumstance.

Let’s make the assumption she will not be bringing him on as an investor into her business.

See how it went wrong:

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