Jodi Arias Jurors Fail To Reach Sentencing Decision, Judge Calls For New Jury

Jodi Arias

PHOENIX (AP) — The jury in Jodi Arias’ murder trial has failed to reach a verdict against the woman they convicted of murdering Travis Alexander. The next steps:


The judge scheduled a retrial on the penalty phase for July 18. A new jury must be seated to decide the punishment. If the second panel deadlocks, the judge will then sentence Arias to spend her entire life in prison or be eligible for release after 25 years. The judge cannot sentence Arias to death.


The prosecutor could decide to take the death penalty off the table and agree to a life sentence. The judge would sentence Arias to spend the rest of her life in prison. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery issued a statement Thursday saying: “As of this point in time … we will proceed with the intent to retry the penalty phase.”

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