Jodi Arias Launches Shameless Fundraiser For 'Other Survivors Of Domestic Violence'

Jodi Arias Is InnocentMurder defendant Jodi Arias is raising money for domestic violence victims while a jury decides whether to convict her of murdering her ex-boyfriend.

Arias, 32, is selling t-shirts online with a “Survivor” logo.

The notorious defendant is trying to convince the jury that she is a survivor of domestic violence and that she killed Travis Alexander in self-defence.

“Please join me in the efforts to support other survivors of domestic violence,” Arias tweeted through a friend who manages her Twitter account while she’s in jail in Phoenix, Ariz.

Arias’s latest move could be seen as highly insulting, as there is significant doubt as to whether she was a victim of domestic abuse — and indeed she could be considered the perpetrator of domestic abuse. 

Arias’s lawyers claim that Alexander became physically abusive and sexually manipulative in the months before Arias killed him. They say he threatened Arias’s life the day she killed him. There’s no evidence, however, that he physically abused her.

A domestic violence expert for the defence testified that battered women usually don’t tell other people about their abuse, but there’s not even any evidence of abuse in Arias’s own diary.

What is known is that she killed Alexander in 2008 in a brutal fashion. Her boyfriend was shot in the head, his throat was slit from ear to ear, and he was stabbed nearly 30 times.

Arias clearly had her own anger issues. Her father told police interrogators that his daughter was “strange” and would call in a “rage” and scream at her mother. Janeen DeMarte, a psychologist for the prosecution, testified Arias was not a victim of domestic violence and most likely had “borderline personality disorder,” which is characterised by fears of abandonment and angry outbursts.

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