Jodi Arias Says The Mormon Motivational Speaker She Mutilated Was A Pedophile

Jodi Arias and Travis AlexanderJodi Arias when she was a blonde and Travis Alexander

Photo: Screen shot via New York Daily News

The murder trial of 32-year-old Jodi Arias is truly bizarre.Arias, a pretty brunette who comes across as a little off, keeps getting compared to Casey Anthony because she got caught lying to investigators before her salacious trial.

She’s accused of plotting to kill her Mormon motivational speaker ex-lover Travis Alexander. He was stabbed 27 times, shot twice, and nearly decapitated.

Arias initially told investigators she knew nothing about the murder, then blamed it on masked intruders, and finally said she killed him in self-defence. Alexander abused her and liked to look at child porn, she says.

If the case weren’t weird enough, Arizona is one of a handful of states that lets jurors submit their own questions for judges to read. (This is a fairly controversial practice.)

HLN TV’s Graham Winch live-blogged the trial and wrote out each of more than 100 questions jurors asked her. A lot of them involve sex, and here is one of the more bizarre questions from a juror, according to Winch’s blog.

Travis stated on the phone sex conversation that he did not like Spider-Man. Why did he buy you Spider-Man underwear if he did not like that character?

Arias eventually explains that the underwear reflected a “preference” of his that she was “dumb enough to go along with,” according to Winch’s live blog.

There apparently hasn’t been any evidence that Alexander had a history of violence or an interest in underage porn, the AP has previously reported.

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