Jobseekers, CareerOne Will Pay You $1000 To Refer A Friend For A Job

Next time you “phone a friend”, best make sure it’s to refer them for a job advertised on CareerOne, because it could earn you some serious bucks.

CareerOne’s new “Crowd Headhunter”, which helps employers crowd-source the best candidates for a job, is paying referrers a minimum $1,050 for a successful placement.

CareerOne CEO, Karen Lawson says her company offers the base amount but then leaves it up to the company advertising the job to reward the head hunters: “it’s an open marketplace”.

Representing 25% of hires, referrals are the fastest source for recruitment in Australia.

“Since referrals are such an effective source of candidates, we wanted to develop a solution that is accessible to anyone,” Lawson says. “The strength of people’s networks are at the heart of this tool, and we want to reward referrers because they deserve it.”

Redefining its business model, CareerOne’s objective is to ensure people of the right “cultural fit” put in the job. And because the referrer is on the ground they better understand the industry and have access the networks of people with the needed skills and values.

Happy job hunting.

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