The government has made it easier for couples to get the JobSeeker payment, increasing the partner income threshold to $80,000

AAP Image/Lukas Coch
  • The Australian government has expanded the eligibility of Centrelink payments as the coronavirus outbreak continues.
  • Australians who lose or have lost their jobs will now be able to receive JobSeeker payments as long as their partner earns less than $80,000.
  • The threshold was previously $48,000.
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The federal government has expanded its support again for Australians who have lost their jobs.

Fronting the media on Monday afternoon the Prime Minister revealed the eligibility governing the JobSeeker allowance, which financially supports unemployed Australia, would be broadened.

Under the new arrangements, any Australian that loses their job will be eligible for government support as long as their partner earns less than around $79,600, raised from $48,000.

It’s expected the change will mean tens of thousands of Australians who were previously ineligible will now be able to receive government payments.

It came as the government also unveiled its much-anticipated wage subsidy package, called the Jobkeeper Allowance, which will subsidise wages of workers up to $1,500 a fortnight for eligible workers. Morrison emphasised the need to “keep the engine of the economy running.”

“It may run idle for a while, but it must continue to run,” he said, noting this is what the government’s “hibernation phase” is about, keeping businesses afloat and Australians employed.

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