Here Are The The AWFUL Details Behind Today's Big Jobs Report Miss

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Photo: AP

This morning’s jobs report was an awful and unexpected miss.The details don’t look any better, with many of the key charts on U.S. unemployment now back to the lows of the past few years.

The breakdown by industries hardest hit in this recession is no more comforting.

First, the headline: Nonfarm payrolls barely move upward.

And the unemployment rate is now creeping up again.

Those unemployed for more than 15 weeks is now near 2010 highs.

And those unemployed for more than 27 weeks is moving higher.

The civilian employment ratio is back at the post recession low.

Civilian employment numbers have given up the past few months' gains.

The civilian participation rate is now at a new low.

Weekly hours have slipped as well.

Now, a look at the industries hardest hit: Manufacturing employment in non durable goods now below 2010 lows.

And durable goods manufacturing jobs don't look too much better.

Government jobs have dipped again, although only slightly.

Construction jobs remain low, and flat.

BRIGHT SIGN: Total private industry jobs are still moving higher.

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