The most in-demand jobs and skills for Australia

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Australia has created a lot of jobs in the past year, over 180,000, in fact.

However, it could be even higher. Something is holding it back: skill shortages among workers.

According to the latest ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey, released earlier today, 38% of the more than 1,500 firms surveyed across Australia reported difficulties filling job vacancies due to talent shortages this year.

Yes, it’s the lowest level seen in nine years, but it’s still a very high figure nonetheless. All those potential jobs unable to be filled due to lack of appropriately skilled workers.

Among those firms who indicated difficulties in filling vacant positions, the most common reasons cited were a lack of experience, available applicants and workers possessing hard skills, all coming in with response rates of 20% or more.

As part of the survey, Manpower detailed what jobs currently have the highest demand from employers across the country, providing this nifty list that compares the top ten in 2016 to that seen a year earlier.

It’s found below:

As has been the case every year in the past decade, skilled trades topped the list for difficult roles to fill.

“Previously, this was linked to creation of roles through the mining boom. Now, although we continue to unwind from this period, we have shifted into a construction bonanza, driven by large infrastructure projects across Victoria and New South Wales,” says Fischer.

“This has seen sustained demand for specialist skilled trades and engineers.”

In order to overcome skill shortages in these occupations, the group noted that 76% of employers indicated that they are now training and developing existing employees to fill available positions.

Upskilling workers, in other words.

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