JOBS IN TECH: Here’s Who Is Hiring And For What

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Hillside Partners analyst Rory Maher dug into the LinkedIn job postings for a bunch of tech companies and came up with some interesting data about who’s hiring in tech, for what, and for where.

Maher covers LinkedIn, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and AOL, so most of the data concerns those companies.

  • 50% of the open jobs are in product development or engineering
  • 55% of available jobs are based in the U.S.
  • LinkedIn is the most aggressive hirer in tech right now. If all job openings were filled, headcount would increase 20%
  • 10% of all open jobs at LinkedIn are based in Brazil
  • Amazon is hiring some overall, but it’s on a massive hiring spree for its Kindle division.  
  • Google is looking to increase headcount 4%
  • Google is hiring up big for its YouTube business
  • After years of headcount growth, Facebook hiring seems to be slowing. If all listings were filled, headcount would increase only 2%.
  • In fact, most of Facebook’s openings are overseas – Asia and Ireland, mostly.