12 Charts To Get You Really Excited About This Morning's Jobs Report

Well, we’re sure you’re already getting excited about this morning’s big Non-Farm Payrolls Report (“The Jobs Report”) at 8:30 but just in case you’re not, we’ve rounded up some charts to give you some context on how America’s labour market looks right now.

Total employed construction workers: Still falling

Durable goods workers: Barely getting a little lift

Health and education: Doing great.

Financial: Still no big rebound, despite the headlines.

Government: Doing just fine

Information workers: Weren't they supposed to be the future?

The hourly work week in construction is un-steadily climbing out of a hole

Total non-farm payrolls

Weekly claims have stagnated

Average work week climbing

Total civilian employment still at historically low levels

No improvement at all for the long-term unemployed

BONUS: Total US Population

BONUS: The total civilian workforce participation rate

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