The 9 most popular jobs for college grads, according to LinkedIn

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/FlickrOne of the job rakes in a salary of $US92,300 a year.

• Landing a job after college is a major priority for college seniors and recent graduates.

• LinkedIn compiled a list of the jobs that class of 2017 grads flocked toward.

• Of the jobs, the best paying role was that of a software engineer.

Finding a job after college can feel like a daunting task.

Many college seniors – and other college students with an eye on the future – are looking in the same place, finds LinkedIn, which put together a list of the most popular jobs among class of 2017 graduates.

The list was compiled by taking into account all LinkedIn users who graduated from a US college with a bachelor’s degree in 2017. These members were incorporated in the survey if they added a new role to the experience section of their profile after graduation.

These are the top nine most popular job titles among 2017 grads, along with median starting salaries provided by LinkedIn:

9. Account coordinator

Account coordinators typically work in advertising and oversee certain business accounts.

Median salary: $US40,000

8. Recruiter

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

Recruiters research and hire employees for different roles in an organisation.

Median salary: $US48,000

7. Business analyst

Business analysts analyse and review business processes and models for an organisation.

Median salary: $US70,000

6. Account executive


Account executives typically work in advertising and oversee certain business accounts.

Median salary: $US60,000

5. Assistant media planner

Assistant media planners work to place advertisements and plan media strategies for an organisation.

Median salary: $US58,000

4. Graphic designer

Graphic designers create visual designs utilising typography, images, and graphics.

Median salary: $US45,000

3. Marketing coordinator

Marketing coordinators organise and oversee various aspects of marketing campaigns.

Median salary: $US45,000

2. Investment banking analyst

Investment banking analysts provide institutions with financial information and recommendations based on investment data.

Median salary: $US85,000

1. Software engineer


Software engineers develop and maintain software and computer systems.

Median salary: $US92,300

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