You now have to apply for 27 jobs just to get 1 interview

Girl, Computer, Thinking, Job Search, Browsing Internet, Student, job-hunters spend almost a whole working day every week searching for a job.

UK job seekers have to apply for an average of 27 positions just to get one interview, a survey by CV writing service Standout CV has found.

This translates to an average of 6.5 hours per week searching for a new job, and about 16 job applications a week.

Of the 1,000 job-seekers surveyed, 26% claimed they found hunting for work “extremely stressful.”

They said the worst aspects of job hunting included dealing with recruiters, finding time to look for jobs, and getting time off for interviews.

The survey also found that:

  • 76% job seekers singled out recruiters, in particular, for not bothering to inform them when their application was unsuccessful.
  • 89%, meanwhile, thought employers should make more effort to give helpful feedback to applications they turned down.
  • 32% said they still found it hard to write CVs, with little idea of what the correct way to write them was.
  • 73% of those who admitted to lying on their CVs said they had gotten away with it.
  • More than half of successful candidates heard back from employers “within a week,” and 32% got the good news within 2 days.
  • On the plus side, 81% of candidates said the job interviews themselves were well run and that interviewers made proceedings comfortable.

“The days of sending off one CV to your dream employer and starting work with them the next week are well and truly over,” Standout CV said. “Our results found that whilst it’s obviously not impossible to land a job, it can be tough out there.”

The findings come as the Chartered Institute of Personal Development has announced that UK workers won’t see a significant pay-boost in real terms until at least end of the decade, with projected pay rises of just 1.7% next years.

Meanwhile, the uncertainty of a possible Brexit in the June 23 referendum is harming investment and job creation into the country, according to the CBI.

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