Job Loyalty in Valley? Not Unless You're Retired

Hewlett Packard (HPQ) cares enough about their retired employees to ask them to help make sales–but not enough to pay them. The New York Times reports that the tech company has been recruiting retired employees to be volunteer salesmen.

Hopefully HP realises that they won’t have access to this secret salesforce forever–because these days, in the Valley, nobody works for a single employer for long. As a 23-year-old new to the workforce (thank you SAI), I don’t know one person my age who has a job they plan to have for longer than a couple of years.

The Times’ story acknowledges this fact with an apt quote from Joe Schoendorf, a 62-year-old HP employee turned venture capitalist:

“If I look at a résumé today, it says two years at Netscape, two years at Google, two years at Amazon, and then Facebook. That used to be a bad résumé that meant the person couldn’t keep a job.”

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