Job Losses At IBM Australia Reported To Be In The Hundreds

IBM in Brisbane: Tupungato /

One of the country’s key unions for IT workers says IBM has been slashing jobs and there is no indication when it will end.

It emerged earlier this year that Australian staff would not be immune from a global cost cutting drive by the global technology giant, which employs 430,000 worldwide.

The ABC reports today the company, which has already made several hundred redundancies this year, is expected to slash another 1,000 jobs in 2014.

Because IBM is listed on the ASX the company isn’t required to publicly release the number of jobs cuts it will make, which has left many concern about what could be next.

Alliance coordinator Lee Conrad has told The ABC, “It is unconscionable to keep this a secret” and has urged the company to “come clean on the job cuts in every country”.

Despite such pleas Andrew Stevens, the Australian managing director, has refused to answer any questions about the lay-offs.

One IBM spokeswoman has said, “Change is constant in the technology industry.”

The ABC has reported that former employees are taking to an online support group, [email protected], which encourages workers to share their experiences.

“Workplace morale is at rock bottom due to mass [redundancies].”

“They continue to simply throw out employees, cut benefits, while all along the execs are making a killing.”

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