Joan Rivers Rips Adele’s Weight And Impersonates ‘Boring’ Ann Curry

Huffpo LiveJoan Rivers caught heat last month after making fun of Adele’s weight while appearing on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

But instead of apologizing, the 79-year-old spitfire is continuing her barrage of insults against the 24-year-old singer.

Rivers appeared on HuffPost Live this weekend, where she added that Adele “should just calm down or lose weight!”

The E! “Fashion Police” host then joked that as an apology to the Grammy winner, “I took an ad out on her a–. I said, ‘You are not fat,’ and then I had room for a lot of other ads.”

“Let’s face reality — she’s fat,” Rivers continued.

And she didn’t stop there, Rivers’ next victim was scorned “Today” co-anchor, Ann Curry.

“First of all, Ann Curry, with all due respect,” and then Rivers started to make snoring sounds. “I used to scream at the set, ‘Shut up, b—-!'”

Rivers then seriously added, “But she’s a very nice woman” and gave her take on the current “Today” show drama: “I think the real problem is it’s run by a lot of white men, you know, ‘We all went to Ivy League schools,’ and they didn’t keep up with the times.”

Watch the full interview below:

 Now hear what she has to say about Adele: