Chicago Bulls Center Joakim Noah Bought A Fancy New Home In Chicago For $US2.9 Million

Joakim Noah Rooftop Cover PhotoJonathan Daniel/AP and VHTJoakim Noah’s new house has a rooftop patio

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah can officially say he lives in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Noah bought a new home in Lincoln Park for $US2.85 million. The house is fancy and combines both modern and classical looks into the 7-bedroom, 7,500 square-foot home.

It’s a fairly new home, built in 2009, and has custom millwork, a finely trimmed backyard and a rooftop patio above the garage.

The outside of the house is gated and shows off lovely brick and stone.

The neatly trimmed backyard has a small patio and grill.

The backyard leads up to a lounge-y rooftop patio (which won't get much use in Chicago's frigid winters).

A bird's eye view of the backyard and rooftop.

The living room and dining room are connected and brightly lit.

Another look at the living room.

The dining room has a giant mirror at one end.

The three-story house is connected by a winding staircase with a beautiful wooden finish.

Noah's kitchen is also bright and modern, with views of the outside.

The room next to the kitchen combines classical and modern looks.

The basement is fairly standard.

The master bedroom is bright and cozy, though it may need a bigger bed for Noah's 7-foot frame.

The master bathroom, which conveniently has a tall shower.

One of the six guest bedrooms is surprisingly pink.

Other NBA players are selling their homes, too...

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