Jo Cox MP murder suspect in court: 'Death to traitors, freedom to Britain'

Photo: Dan Kitwood/ Getty Images.

Thomas Mair, the man charged with the murder of British MP Jo Cox, gave his name in court on Saturday as: “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain.”

Thomas Mair, who lives in the town of Birstall, in Yorkshire, where Cox was slain, is appearing at London’s Westminster Magistrates, charged with murder, causing grievous bodily harm and offences related to possession of a firearm.

A police van believed to be carrying Thomas Mair arrives under Police escort to Westminster Magistrates Court. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The 52-year-old gardener allegedly shouted “Britain first” during the fatal attack of Cox, according to eye-witness accounts. He also has ties to far-right organisations, and Nazi regalia was found at his home by police, The Guardian reported.

Jo Cox, 41, was a member of the Labour Party, and a strong supporter of Britain remaining in the European Union ahead of a referendum on the subject on June 23. Her killing has shocked the nation, uniting politicians in horror and leading to the suspension of hostilities in what had become increasingly bitter and ugly campaigning ahead of the vote.

The trial continues.

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