JK Rowling Is Building A Playground For Her Kids That Looks Suspiciously Like Hogwarts

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is building an adventure playground for her two kids that’s so big she must get permission from the City of Edinburgh Council to build it, according to the Daily Mail.

Plans for the playground reveal there will be two massive towers that are shockingly similar to those at Hogwarts. Rowling’s children, nine-year-old Mackenzie and seven-year-old David, will each have their own tower in the playground complete with balconies, trap doors and spiral staircases. The towers are even connected by a secret tunnel (and a rope bridge).

In addition to the towers, the playground will have a trampoline deck and a swing set.

The 40-foot-high towers and playground are estimated to cost around $387,000 — chump change for Rowling, who is worth almost $900 million. Blue Forest Ltd., a construction company specializing in luxury treehouses, is building the playground.

The playground is the latest in a string of imaginative projects Rowling has embarked on since purchasing her 17th century Edinburgh mansion in 2009 for $3.1 million. In 2011, she was granted permission by the city to demolish a neighbouring $1.5 million house so she could expand her garden. Rowling was also granted permission to build a summer house that the Daily Mail said looks like Hagrid’s stone hut in Harry Potter.

Here’s a rendering of the proposed playground (from the Edinburgh City Council website via the Daily Mail). Kids, are you jealous now?

J.K. Rowling playground

[credit provider=”Blue Forest”]

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