Here’s what J.K. Rowling is saying to ‘Harry Potter’ fans who are disappointed with their Patronuses

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood bunny patronus

“Harry Potter” fans were thrilled to learn they could finally take a quiz and discover their Patronus on Pottermore — but that bubble of excitement quickly burst. Some people were disappointed by their assigned Patronus, especially when given a type of rodent or bird. 

Since the Patronus quiz premiered on September 22, the official Pottermore account (and now J.K. Rowling herself) have started replying to tweets from upset Patronus owners. The message is often the same: “Your Patronus is rarely what you expect.”

Pottermore even addressed the concerns about size when people expressed doubt that a small Patronus can truly battle Dementors.


J.K. Rowling has addressed two fans directly about their Patronuses.

“I literally got a rat for a patronus … I don’t know how you can make me feel better about that haha,” Twitter user @DerrellPayne wrote to the “Harry Potter” author

“Clever, resourceful and (according to the Chinese) lucky!” Rowling quoted back to the fan.

When another disappointed fan was told their Patronus was a mole, and expressed hope that it was secretly awesome, Rowling replied: “You got the Lord of the underworld who brings light to darkness. Of course it’s awesome.”

Those in charge of the Pottermore Twitter account seem to have realised that people really wanted an explanation for each Patronus animal. The question on nearly everyone’s mind after taking the quiz was simple — “What does that say about me?” 

Though repeating the response of “your Patronus is rarely what you expect” stops short of truly explaining each animal’s qualities and how they relate to their “owner,” it might help people accept animals they find less than exciting. 

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