JK Rowling just high-fived a Melbourne astrophysicist on Twitter after she pwned a climate change troll

JK Rowling. Photo: supplied

Dr Katherine (Katie) Mack is a theoretical astrophysicist who explores the universe in a way that makes your brain implode into a black hole. She got her PhD at Princeton, and is currently working in the School of Physics at University of Melbourne.

Many Australians are still gobsmacked by Monday night’s QandA on ABC TV, where One Nation senator-elect Malcolm Roberts demanded “empirical evidence” of climate change, only to insist that NASA was part of a global conspiracy to corrupt the data when fellow panelist and English physicist Professor Brian Cox produced it.

Watch below:

As the debate unfolded, Mack was one of the thousands who joined the national QandA conversation by tweeting about it as @AstroKatie.

Then her comment attracted the attention of a Texan conservative who felt compelled to point out the failings in Dr Mack’s education:

If there are PhDs for dealing with hecklers, Mack became a double doctor with this response.

At that point the exchange turned into a spectator sport that was more entertaining than anything at Rio:

Right up until the point when the Usain Bolt of novelists decided to join the race and share the moment with her nearly 8 million followers:

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