Former NFL Coach Explains Why JJ Watt Won't Win The MVP

JJ WattBob Levey/Getty ImagesJJ Watt may not touch the ball enough to be MVP.

J.J. Watt is by most accounts the best defensive player in the NFL and his dominance has many feeling he should be named the NFL’s MVP this season. But one former NFL head coach disagrees and he makes a strong case for why.

Through 15 games, Watt has 72 tackles, 17.5 sacks, one interception, three forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries. Oh yeah, and he has scored five touchdowns this season.

But that is not good enough for former head coach Herm Edwards.

“[The Houston Texans] don’t even have a top-10 defence and that is the problem he has along with he doesn’t play [offence] enough,” Edwards said on ESPN Radio on Monday.”Remember this, offensive players have the ability to uplift your football team. DeMarco Murray is a running back. Is he an MVP candidate? Yes. Why? Because he is going to rush the ball for about 2,000 yards … [that] has helped the whole team. It has helped Tony Romo become a better quarterback. It’s protected their defence. You look at great quarterbacks … they make [the surrounding cast] better. Tom Brady, does he make players better? Absolutely. Does Peyton Manning make players better? Absolutely. Does Aaron Rodgers make players better? Absolutely.”

While Edwards’ sentiments are similar to those of others, what is interesting about Edwards making the comments is that he was a defensive player in the NFL and excelled as a defensive coach for several years before becoming head coach of the New York Jets. If anybody is going to take the side of Watt, Edwards would seem like the ideal candidate and yet, he not only does not support Watt but is a bit dismissive.

While the Texans’ defence is seventh in points allowed, they rank just 22nd in yards allowed, and at 8-7 Houston’s playoff hopes are dim.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you think the award should go to the best player or the player with the most value to his team. Edwards clearly believes in the latter.

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