JJ Watt wrote a letter to fan's boss asking if she can have a day off to go to his charity event

The third annual J.J. Watt Foundation Charity Classic softball game to support various youth programs is on Friday. One fan has tickets, but she has a small problem: she has to work.

Enter Watt.

The fan, Ashlee Sanchez, took to Twitter wishing for Watt to write a letter to her boss to excuse her from work so that she can attend the event. A few hours later, her wish came true.

The letter reads:

To Ashlee’s Boss,

Ashlee has requested that I write you a letter to excuse her on Friday so that she may attend my charity softball game. The thing is, I have no authority to excuse her, only you do. What I will say, is that she purchased tickets to this sold-out event and she is willing to drive 5 hours to come support us and help raise money, which in turn is going to change the lives of many kids. So if you would excuse her, that would be pretty cool.

Thanks for your time. Go Texans!

JJ Watt #99

It is unknown if Sanchez will be able to attend the event but she is now hopeful.