JJ Redick told a disturbing story about finding a person in a box in the back of a cab

  • Philadelphia 76ers guard J.J. Redick told a disturbing story on his podcast about finding a woman in a box or cage in the back of a car service’s SUV.
  • Redick said his sister-in-law first noticed movement in a box that was covered by a blanket in the trunk of the car.
  • Redick asked the driver to pull over, and though the driver denied anyone being back there, Redick said they saw a head pop up from underneath the blanket.
  • Redick said they called the cops and his wife wants to involve the FBI.

Philadelphia 76ers guard J.J. Redick told a disturbing story on his podcast about finding what he thinks was a woman in a box or cage in the trunk of a car he was riding in.

Speaking to Orlando Magic rookie Mo Bamba, Redick said he was leaving a photoshoot in Manhattan, New York, with his wife, Chelsea, and her sister Kylee. A car service was arranged for the three of them, so when the SUV got there, he put their bags in the trunk when he noticed an odd smell. He said he didn’t think much of it.

Redick said as they were driving, Kylee turned to him “pale as a ghost” and said there was a person in the back. Redick said he looked back there and there was a blanket covering what appeared to be a box or cage. As he was watching, he saw movement under the blanket.

Redick asked the driver to pull over, and they jumped out of the car, opened the trunk, and took out the bags quickly. Redick said he only saw movement, so he wasn’t sure if it was an animal under the blanket. Redick said he confronted the driver about it, and the driver said there was nobody back there.

“So, he lifts the blanket up, but like, towards the window, so that the blanket is facing up, so we couldn’t see because we were on the footpath, perpendicular to the car, not behind the car,” Redick said. “And he’s like, ‘No, there’s nothing in here. There’s nothing in here.’ And he closes the blanket back, and then he closes the trunk. And as he’s like walking around to the front seat, a head pops up.”

Bamba began laughing when Redick said, “No, this isn’t funny.” He continued:

“There’s a back of a female’s head. She’s – blonde hair, there’s a ponytail, and based on the size of the box or cage that this person is in, it’s either, like, a very small human, or a child. And I’m like, ‘We all saw it, right?’

The driver drove away. Redick said they began asking if it was really a person and not a dog or something else. Redick noted that Kylee said she saw a person’s face when she first noticed movement in the trunk.

“She’s like, ‘No. The reason I said there was a person is because I saw movement in my peripheral out of my right eye. So I turned around, and the blanket was moving. So when I looked back, half of a human face came out of the blanket. I saw a woman’s eyes, woman’s face, woman’s blonde hair.'”

Redick said they called the car service, but the service either didn’t acknowledge or understand the incident. The service told him they suspended the driver for having someone in the front seat, even though Redick said he specifically told them there was a person in the trunk.

Redick then called the police but said they have not heard back from them. He said his wife wants to open a claim with the FBI over the incident.

The story can be heard at the 2:40 mark of the video below:

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