J.J. Abrams Says He Has No Idea What He's Doing With 'Star Wars'

Kathleen Kennedy JJ AbramsAfter initially turning down work on the new ‘Star Wars’ film, J.J. Abrams accepted an offer from Lucasfilm head, Kathleen Kennedy, late last year to direct the film.

With three new “Star Wars” in the works, we’ve heard plenty of casting rumours — from Carrie Fisher‘s jokes to the return of Harrison Ford, but we haven’t heard nearly as much about the plot of the film.  

That’s probably because director J.J. Abrams isn’t sure what direction the new trilogy is taking just yet.  

In an interview with Empire magazine, Abrams admitted he’s not sure how he’s approaching the film, comparing his work on the next “Star Wars” to his “Star Trek” series.  

“I don’t know because we’re just getting started,” said Abrams. “So it’s a great question that I hope I’ll have a good answer to when I know what the answer is. There are infinitely more questions than answers right now, but to me, they’re [“Star Wars”/”Star Trek”] not that dissimilar.”

But in George Lucas’ recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, he revealed he was already working on treatments for episodes VII, VIII, and IX which he then handed over to Disney as part of its $4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm. So, we doubt Abrams has no idea as to where episode VII is heading. 

Sounds like Abrams is just doing what he does best — staying secretive about his projects.

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