"Star Trek" Could Have Biggest "Trek" Opening Ever

Early ticket sales for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek are already outpacing those for Wolverine, Transformers and the last Indiana Jones movie, putting the film on track for the biggest Trek opening ever.

As of this morning, Fandango was reporting 91% of its ticket sales were for Star Trek, far outpacing sales for last weekend’s box-office champ Wolverine. As of last night (and presumably now too), Star Trek was outselling Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the same point in both films’ cycles. Those movies made $70.5 million and $100.1 million on their opening weekends.

Both Fandango and rival online seller movietickets.com are reporting numerous Thursday night sellouts, and IMAX notes that 108 of its giant-screen showtimes have sold out, meaning the film’s already raked in $2 million in presold tickets.

Based on these advance sales, Star Trek‘s opening could be more than twice as big as the franchise’s highest-grossing debut: Star Trek: First Contact‘s $30.7 million first weekend back in 1996, Hollywood Wiretap predicts.

And if the movie makes more than Wolverine‘s opening total of $85.1 million, Star Trek will have made more money in three days than the total theatrical grosses for all but two Trek films. Now that would be a successful, homegrown (revived) franchise!

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