J.J. Abrams Releases Creepy Trailer For New Mystery Project

J.J. Abrams just released a mysterious new trailer for an upcoming project from his Bad Robot Company.

We have no idea what it is, but the title for it is called “Stranger.”

The trailer shows a man washing up on shore, a nod to his popular ABC series “LOST,” and a man with his lips sewn shut near its end.

Check it out below:

Here are a list of Abrams’ future projects:

“Almost Human” (TV series)
Wunderkind (an upcoming film about Nazis)

“Star Wars: Episode VII”

“Cloverfield” sequel



“Mission: Impossible 5”

“Star Trek 3”

Looks pretty safe to eliminate “Star Wars,” “MI5,” and “Star Trek” from the list. We’d take out “Cloverfield” as well. What do you think?

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