'Jinx' murder suspect Robert Durst just sent this rambling letter to the LA Times

Robert durst the jinx episode 1 finalHBORobert Durst

Two weeks after an LA Times reporter sent an inquiry to real estate magnate and alleged murderer Robert Durst, he responded — with a handwritten letter.

Durst — who is being held at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel, Lousiana, for allegedly murdering his long-time friend Susan Berman back in 2000 — reportedly sent the letter to LA Times Hou­s­ton bur­eau chief Molly Hen­nessy-Fiske from a Louisiana jail after he was arrested in New Orleans on an out-of-state murder warrant in March.

Durst comes off as light-hearted and personable in the letter, starting with “hiya Molly” and signing it “Bob.” In it, he refuses to address the murder charges, talking instead about his love of opera and professional football and his hatred of LA’s notorious traffic.

“I loved watching the traffic come up La Cienega and mush into Santa Monica,” the letter said. “Hated L.A. traffic which makes Houston seem like a small town.”

Durst goes on to say that although he enjoyed his years living in West Hollywood, he moved to Texas so that he could receive treatment for his worsening health problems at Houston Medical Center.

“As my minor balance (problem) expanded into full blown hydrocephalus requiring a shunt I knew that if I was going to let some guy drill into my head, there was no place I would be willing to go ahead other than the Houston medical center and I left L.A.,” he wrote.

Towards the end of the letter, Durst asks that the reporter make one thing clear if she is going to publish any part of their correspondence: “I have said nothing about charges, crimes, or trials.”

Here is the full letter:

Durst ‘s attorney, Houston-based litigator Dick DeGuerin, told the LA Times that the letter “looks like his [Durst’s] handwriting.”

Durst was the subject of an HBO documentary series called “The Jinx,” about the cloud of suspicion hanging over him after the unsolved 2000 murder of the journalist Susan Berman. The documentary’s producers revealed in March that they had unearthed an audio recording of Durst “confessing” to the crime while he was in the bathroom one day during filming.

Though he is wanted by LA police, Durst has waived extradition and is being held in Louisiana on state gun charges (officers say they found him in a New Orleans hotel room with a .38 revolver and marijuana; as a convicted felon he is barred from owning a gun).

Durst seemed fairly confident he would soon return to LA, however, noting, “I am sure you know what your abilities are to visit me when I get to L.A.”

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