Jinn couriers have gone on strike outside the startup's office over pay changes

Jinn strikeBusiness Insider UK/Rob PriceJinn couriers on strike.

Couriers working for delivery app Jinn have gone on strike over pay outside the company’s office in East London.

The startup, which operates an app that allows people to get things delivered from restaurants like McDonald’s and shops, told riders on Wednesday morning that it had changed its payment model.

Two couriers told Business Insider that Jinn is moving from paying them £8 an hour plus £1.50 per delivery to paying them £7 per delivery and no hourly fee.

Several drivers at the protest, which took place outside Jinn’s office in Aldgate, expressed concern over the new payment model.

“What happens if we don’t get any orders?” said one courier, who wished to remain anonymous. Another said: “We can wait in the cold for 12 hours straight and not get paid. That’s a problem.”

Approximately 40 drivers were at the protest at 6pm (GMT) on Wednesday but some drivers expected that figure to rise to around 100. The protest has been arranged simply by word of mouth as opposed to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, one driver said.

This is not the first time that couriers working for so-called gig-economy platforms like Jinn have gone on strike over pay.

Deliveroo and UberEats saw their riders go on strike last year when they started paying drivers per delivery instead of per hour.

Jinn did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

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