The list of ushers at Jimmy Lee's memorial service shows just how special he was

There were very few dry eyes during the memorial service on Monday morning for James Bainbridge Lee, Jr., the JPMorgan Chase vice chairman known by everyone as “Jimmy.”

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown Manhattan was filled to capacity for Lee’s memorial mass. An emotional JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon gave a heartfelt eulogy. Lee’s best friend, Mike McBride, spoke. Lee’s son, Jamie, also spoke about his father.

Last Wednesday, Lee unexpectedly died from a heart attack while exercising in his Darien, Connecticut, home. He was 62.

Lee was considered the greatest investment banker of his time. During his forty year career, Lee worked behind the scenes on many of the biggest M&A deals and initial public offerings that have shaped corporate America. He also helped pioneer the syndicated loan market and played a major role in the private equity world.

Just a quick glance at the program of the list of honorary ushers demonstrates how influential Lee was on Wall Street. He advised many of these titans on historic transactions, but more importantly he was their friend.

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