Jimmy Kimmel Says 'F--- Him' About Jay Leno Over Fake Friendship

Jay Leno Jimmy Kimmel

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It seems Howard Stern isn’t the only TV personality who isn’t a fan of Jay Leno.While Stern had some choice words for Leno this week, which in turn got the shock jock in trouble with NBC, Jimmy Kimmel got straight to the point of his feelings.

“F— him,” Kimmel said when asked about Leno during a media talk Monday night in New York City.

The comment came after Kimmel described his admiration for new time slot competitor, David Letterman. Beginning in January, Kimmel will also have to fight against Leno in the 11:35 PM time slot.

Kimmel has poked quite a bit of fun at Leno in the past, saying the “most fun” he’s ever had on his show was when he famously impersonated Leno in 2010 (complete with prosthetic chin), right after Leno snatched the “Tonight Show” away from Conan O’Brien.

As far as the best prank Kimmel has pulled, he says it also included Leno.

“I told a guy that five years from now I’m going to give you my show, and then when the five years came, I gave it to him and then I took it back almost instantly!” said Kimmel.

Kimmel concluded Monday’s New York panel by saying, “People, it turns out, really don’t like Jay Leno.”

Sounds like this late night feud is here to stay.

Watch this cringe-worthy past video of Jimmy Kimmel appearing on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”:

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