Jimmy Kimmel perfectly captures how fans will feel if they sit through the 'Avengers' sequel credits

For years, fans have been staying through the lengthy credits that roll at the end of Marvel movies for a brief sneak peek at what’s next from the Marvel cinematic universe.

More recently, some of the films started adding two scenes, one that appeared early on, which is referred to as a mid-credits sequence, and, another, post-credits sequence, at the end which usually is more comical.

It’s become a sort of staple for Marvel viewers. So it was a bit of a shock when “Avengers: Age of Ultron” director Joss Whedon confirmed to Entertainment Weekly there won’t be any extra scene for fans sitting through the film credits when it debuts in theatres May 1.

On Monday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the host mocked how fanboys probably reacted to the news after watching the end-credits to his “Avengers”-themed episode alongside “Ant-Man” actor Paul Rudd. 

The two proceeded to tear apart the living room in which they sat.

As one of the fanboysgirls, I can attest that this is pretty spot on.

Check out the funny clip below:


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