Jimmy Kimmel fooled people with ridiculous-looking fake Kanye West Yeezy sneakers

Jimmy Kimmel put the power of celebrity and persuasion to the test when he hit the streets of Los Angeles on his show Tuesday night with a pair of fake Kanye West Yeezy sneakers.

Over the weekend, West’s new sneakers for Adidas, the Yeezy Boost 750 “Chocolate,” were released. Retailing for US$350, the new shoes were going for as much as US$1,200 on eBay, according to Kimmel.

Capitalising on that, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” passed off a ridiculously styled pair of sneakers it bought for US$12.50. The black high-top sneakers, dubbed the “Yeezy Boost 2000” by the show, were dressed up with fake fur and a compass.

“These are very real opinions of very fake Yeezy shoes,” Kimmel told his audience on Tuesday’s show.

In the clip, several people are very excited to see the shoes. But what’s really fascinating is how the interviewer makes suggestions about the shoes’ fake features, which the people accept outright.

For example, one young lady is told that the shoe will tighten around her foot if she presses on the compass called “easy squeezy technology.”

“I feel it,” she said after pumping the compass.

One man agreed that the shoe allowed him to stop on a dime. And another guy was told the laces are edible and he literally ate them up.

Watch Kimmel’s Yeezy prank below:

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