You Need To Watch Jimmy Kimmel Hook This Kid Up To A Lie Dectector

Jimmy Kimmel‘s at it again. We weren’t sure how the ABC late night host would top his previous children’s gags, but he’s done it.

Last night, Kimmel strapped a boy to his version of a “lie detector,” complete with a ridiculous hat that blinks and buzzes whenever he “fibs.”

The host asked his unsuspecting victim (we mean, the boy) questions ranging from whether he “prefers puppies to his mother” to if he’s ever peed in a swimming pool. So cruel, Kimmel. So cruel.

Best part? The name of the segment is “Lie Detective 1.” Hopefully, this means there’s more to come. (We hope so.) Kimmel is the King of kids pranks.

OK, we’re done. 

Watch the clip below:

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