Jimmy Kimmel hires Doctor Strange for a children's birthday party, and it's a disaster

Dr Strange Jimmy Kimmel ABC YouTube finalYouTube/ABC‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

There’s huge anticipation for Marvel’s next movie, “Doctor Strange” (out November 4), but we learned Thursday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that you shouldn’t hire the “Master of the Mystic Arts” to entertain at your kid’s birthday party.

Benedict Cumberbatch reprised his role of Dr. Stephen Strange on “Kimmel” for this sketch in which the late-night host holds a party of sugar-high children and Strange finally teleports a half-hour late. Strange thinks he’s there to destroy “little demons,” only to find the kids running around.

The superhero is ready to bail (though he touts on his LinkedIn page that he’s the “mightiest magician in the cosmos”) but when Kimmel offers $150 to entertain the kids, Strange has an idea.

Watch the complete skit below:

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