Jimmy Kimmel fires back at accusations that he fixed a pickle jar for Hillary Clinton

When Jimmy Kimmel asked Hillary Clinton to open a pickle jar on-air in order to disprove rumours that she’s in poor health, he thought he was just doing a bit. But now he finds himself accused of conspiring with Clinton.

“Thousands of people, even millions of people, are convinced I rigged the pickle jar,” the host said on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

One believer, conservative conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones, dedicated a great deal of his radio show to explaining how Kimmel allegedly conspired with the Democratic presidential candidate in loosening the jar’s lid ahead of taping.

“If you’re ever feeling bad about your job,” Kimmel joked, “just remember there’s a grown man who spent a full seven minutes yelling about me and a pickle jar on television.”

Kimmel admitted he finds Jones “entertaining,” but didn’t realise opening a pickle jar was such a significant rebuttal to the Clinton health rumours.

“Let’s say we did loosen the jar. What does opening pickles even prove?” Kimmel said. “I have to imagine that one of the perks of being president is you never have to open pickles yourself again, probably not even allowed to open pickles.”

Kimmel wouldn’t be fulfilling his dutiesĀ as a late-night host if he didn’t investigate the matter. So he asked for the video of the jar from backstage before the taping. What it shows is Kimmel entrusting sidekick Guillermo with the safe keeping of the jar.

The footage shows there was no conspiracy on Kimmel’s part. The same can’t be said for Guillermo.

Watch the video below:

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