Jimmy Fallon’s Online-Only “Late Night” Warm-up (GE)


SNL alumnus Jimmy Fallon will take over NBC’s Late Show in March. As part of what seems like some sort of mythical trial, NBC is making Fallon produce an entry for a video blog every night until his debut.

“This is the first instalment of the nightly blog — or vlog, if you want to use that word,” said Fallon to open his first 90-second show last night. (We’ve embedded it below.)

We won’t use that word, but the show does share traits with other content of iJustine and LonelyGirl15’s genre.  Loose framing, long takes, casual costuming — you know: low production values.

Of course there is one major difference between Fallon’s show and what you’ll see from Phil DeFranco and friends on YouTube. When we watched the clip, NBC served us a commercial for Unilever’s Dove brand. Also his house band is a little better.