Jimmy Fallon mocks the 'pros and cons' of attending Donald Trump's defunct Trump University

Donald Trump’s Trump University has been under fire recently for allegedly defrauding students, but Jimmy Fallon did his own look into the pros and cons of attending the school on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.”

“It’s the controversial school that Trump founded 10 years ago,” Fallon first explained. “It went out of business. But Trump said if he’s elected, he might bring it back.”

Trump University made its way back into the 2016 election conversation during a recent debate, when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly brought up the school’s D grade from the Better Business Bureau. There is also a pending lawsuit from previous students who accuse the university of making false promises.

Fallon did a thorough job of incorporating several aspects of Trump’s campaign in the sketch.

“Pro: Trump is offering free tuition,” Fallon said. “Con: by getting Mexico to pay for it.”

And this joke: “Pro: hiding the bong on parents’ weekend. Con: because Bong’s student visa ran out, and now Trump wants to deport him.”

The sketch even made fun of Trump’s recent and widely ridiculed reference to his penis during a debate.

“Pro: Trump boasted about the school’s large endowment by saying, ‘I guarantee you there’s no problem down there. It’s huuuuuuge!'” the host mimicked Trump.

Watch the full list of Fallon’s pros and cons for attending Trump University below:

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