Jimmy Fallon as Trump praises his own speech: 'Thank me very much'

Jimmy fallon donald trumpNBC‘I was big last night. So big. So so big big.’

Jimmy Fallon brought out his impression of President Donald Trump again on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” and Fallon’s Trump spent his time commenting on his own speech to Congress on Tuesday.

“Thank me. Thank me very much,” Fallon’s Trump started out on “TNN,” the late-night show’s fake Trump News Network.

In between snorting, Fallon’s Trump showered himself with praise for the positive reaction to his address, which was widely seen as “presidential.”

“Today’s top story: me. I was big last night. So big. So so big big,” Fallon’s Trump said. “Everyone’s saying I was so presidential because I started… talking… like… this…

“Wasn’t I presidential?” Fallon’s Trump added to applause. “There’s gonna be so much presidential, you’re going to get sick of me being president.”

He also confessed that before his speech, “Steve Bannon shot me up with a horse tranquilizer. Those things are fantastic.”

Fallon’s Trump also played a clip that he says he “didn’t edit,” in which we can clearly hear him inserting his own words of praise over video of people at the congressional speech.

Finally, Kellyanne Conway (played by writer Jo Firestone) made a cameo, appearing to be lounging all over an Oval Office couch.

“It was so good. You didn’t tell lies or whatever,” Conway said of the speech. “Oh my God, yeah, you’re the best president ever.”

Then Fallon’s Trump got very excited, but not before being shot up with a syringe by someone offscreen.

Watch Fallon’s Trump compliment himself below:


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