Accident-prone Jimmy Fallon lands in the hospital after tripping on a Jägermeister bottle

Jimmy fallon handYouTubeJimmy Fallon shows his latest hand injury.

Jimmy Fallon is prone to injury. And he knows it.

“I’m so used to going to hospitals now — it’s kind of fun,” the host explained on The Tonight Show last night of his latest mishap, this time damaging his right hand. (Earlier this year, he had an incident involving his left hand that almost left him without a finger.)

Over the weekend, Fallon was inducted into the Harvard Lampoon comedy publication and honored with its Elmer Award. The ceremony involved Fallon being dragged by a horse in a chariot, accompanied by a laser show with live music from Harvard’s band. Fallon decided to thank the band with a bottle of Jägermeister. But while carrying the bottle, he tripped over a woman who was presenting him with a flower.

“I threw the bottle and just landed on broken glass,” Fallon said. “There were pools of blood everywhere.” The incident landed Fallon in the hospital yet again.

Now Fallon is wearing child Band-Aids on his right hand. But he assured the audience: “I want to let everyone know I’m fine.”

Watch the video below:

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